Alphas season 1 episod 3

Watch online episod 3 – "Anger Management"

A runaway teenage Alpha, Matthew, sets off riots up and down the East Coast, the team struggles to stop him and send him to the Binghamton Mental Hospital for treatment. When they find that they have this man inside their base, Matthew sends off the pheromones and this causes Rachel, who was on the phone with her mother, to shout at her mother, that she hated her and was moving out. Bill is not affected by his pheromones but the others are causing chaos that leads to Don’s death. Later in the episode, Nina offers Rachel her home to stay in for a while, and this strengthens the friendship of the two. In a subplot, Gary finds it hard to concentrate on his abilities when a satellite antenna across the street starts humming, and at the end of the episode, Gary complains that no one has helped him, and then Cameron, using his "hyperkinesis" throws a baseball and disables the antenna, which strengthens his companionship with Gary. Agent Sullivan takes over Agent Wilson’s place on the team. 

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