Alphas season 1 episod 4

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While raiding a Red Flag operation, Dr. Rosen and his team find Anna (Liane Balaban), an Alpha who can understand and translate any language. While the others try to track down and stop someone they believe to be the Red Flag leader, Milo Kosar, Gary bonds with Anna over their similar conditions. The team eventually determines that Anna is the leader of Red Flag and its reach is far greater than initially feared. Red Flag attempts to take down a lab manufacturing a medication that stops Alphas from being born. In a subplot, near the beginning we see how Gary makes his mother take care of him with almost everything (e.g. making him water until he judges it perfect). When he meets Anna she tells him that he doesn’t need Dr. Rosen or his mother to take care of him, although Gary chooses to stay with The Alphas. When his mother brings him his water he states "if it’s not right I’ll go make it myself, I can take care of myself.", suggesting that Anna may have changed the way he thinks of himself and his abilities to take care of himself.

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