American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 5

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The Rubber Man disappears and Tate appears. He and Violet go on their date to the beach and Tate tells her high school was terrible for him. Five mangled, bloody teens appear and harass Tate, prompting the couple to leave. Vivien tells Ben that Hayden is in the house. Ben finds her in the basement, but Larry knocks him out with the shovel and ties him up. Nora frees him, urging him to save his child. Hayden appears to Vivien and both are shocked to learn that the other is pregnant with Ben’s child. Hayden attacks her, but is stopped by Ben, who is forced to admit that he impregnated Hayden months after Vivien discovered the affair. The teens find Tate and Violet, but Tate protects Violet by making them chase him. Constance takes Violet to her house, revealing that Addie is dead and Tate is her son. The teens are revealed to be ghosts from various cliques at Westview High who were killed when Tate committed a school shooting in 1994. The ghosts angrily demand to know why he killed them and that he admit what he did, but Tate cannot remember anything about them. With Halloween night ending, the teens depart. The other ghosts including Moira, Chad, Patrick, and Nora warily return to the house. Ben packs and sadly leaves the house. 

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