American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 8

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Tate is revealed to be the Rubber Man, attempting to provide the distraught Nora with a baby. The outfit is a fetish suit Chad bought in hopes of reigniting his and Patrick’s failing relationship. Tate donned the suit and killed Patrick and Chad after they decided not to have a baby, hoping that a new family will move in and have a child, which Nora could then have. In the present, Hayden conspires with Nora to drive Vivien insane so that they can have her twins. Vivien and Violet are confronted by the ghostly house intruders from Episode 2; Ben believes that Vivien is mentally unstable, since police found no evidence of the intruders’ presence. He prohibits her from leaving, believing she is trying to take Violet and the twins away from him. Vivien steals Marcy’s handgun for protection. Hayden convinces Tate, as the Rubber Man, to attack Vivien, revealing that Tate fathered Vivien’s twins. During the attack, Vivien accidentally shoots Ben, who is convinced she is a danger to herself and others. Vivien’s reaction to another poltergeist results in the police taking her away. The full scene of Chad and Patrick’s murder is shown; it is revealed that after Tate killed them, Moira gave Tate the couple’s gun, which Tate used to make the scene look like a murder/suicide. 

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