American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 9

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What happened in the famous 1940s Black Dahlia case is shown. A dentist had raped Elizabeth Short while she was under anesthesia, only to find he had administered too much and she died. The ghost of Charles Montgomery dismembers her corpse. In the present, Elizabeth’s ghost appears to Ben, seeking his psychiatric help. Ben receives a call from Vivien’s OB/GYN telling him that Vivien’s twins have separate fathers — him and someone else. He accuses Vivien of cheating on him. Hayden tells him that she had seen Vivien and Luke, the security guard, getting closer. Ben confronts Luke about the possible paternity and learns that Luke is sterile. Constance and Travis get into a domestic dispute; Travis has sex with Hayden in the Harmon house. Hayden kills him, and Larry, who "owes her a favor," takes Travis’s body and dumps it out in public in the Black Dahlia tradition. Ben finds the Rubber Man’s mask and realizes that Vivien had possibly been raped. Constance is told by Moira that Tate is the other father. She asks Billie Dean, what would happen if a ghost sires a living child. The medium tells her of the Pope’s knowledge of such an event as the Antichrist’s starting of the Apocalypse

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