American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 11

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Ben goes to pick Vivien up at the sanitarium, intent on taking Violet with him. Violet however, being a ghost, is trapped on the property. He takes Vivien home to pick up Violet as Vivien insists on going to her sister’s Florida home. While waiting in the car, Vivien begins to have labor pains. Violet tries to explain to her father that she is dead. Constance brings Vivien into the house and goes to get "help" to assist in the delivery—the ghosts of Dr. Charles Montgomery and the 1968 nurses show up for the task. During the labor, Violet is told by Chad that Tate was the one who sired one of the twins. Vivien has great difficulty in birthing both babies, losing one to stillbirth while the other causes her to bleed internally. Violet appears to comfort her mother asks her to "come be with her." Vivien dies and Violet confronts Tate, telling him she loves him but can never forgive him. She screams for him to go away and he does. Vivien appears and comforts her daughter in the afterlife. 

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