American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 4

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A woman (Franka Potente) identifying herself as Anne Frank is brought into the asylum. She tells Sister Jude that Dr. Arden is actually Dr. Hans Grüper, a Nazi. Sister Jude wonders how to bring about the reality of Dr. Arden. Grace admits to Kit that she killed her own father and stepmother for sexually abusing her. Kit wonders if he is, in fact, a serial killer and is simply blocking what really happened the night his wife "vanished." After aversion therapy fails with Lana, Dr. Thredson promises that he will get her out of Briarcliff within a week. "Anne Frank" attacks Dr. Arden and stumbles onto Shelley, who begs Anne to kill her, as she is turning into a Rasper as a result of Dr. Arden’s experiments. 

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