Arrow season 1 episod 10

Watch online episod 10 – "Burned"

Six weeks after his fight with the mysterious archer, Oliver avoids any activities as his vigilante alter-ego, despite insistence from Diggle that the city needs him. When a firefighter is killed in the line of duty, Laurel suspects that he was murdered and steals the phone the vigilante gave her father in order to contact him for help. Tracking down the suspect, Oliver is bested during the confrontation, but discovers that the murderer is a firefighter. Oliver confesses to Diggle that he has lost his edge, as he now has people he worries about losing should anything happen to him, something he did not have to fear when he first returned from the island. Diggle challenges Oliver that having people to live for is more of an edge than having no one. Oliver learns that the murderer is Garfield Lynns, a firefighter thought to have died in a massive fire several years prior, but who survived with severe burns over his entire body. Garfield shows up at a charity gala for the firefighters intent on getting revenge against the fire chief for not sending backup in the night of his injury. Although Oliver saves the chief, Garfield commits suicide by burning himself. Detective Lance discovers Laurel’s deception and plants a listening device on the phone to monitor her communications with the vigilante. 

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  • Kara Moore

    Laurel’s father really does need to stop getting mad at her just, because she believes the Arrow is making that city a better place. This must be the biggest case of his career or something. Laurel Lance’s father gets on my last nerves .