Arrow season 1 episod 16

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Oliver stops a hired gunman called Guillermo Barrera who comes to Starling City, but must enlist Felicity to decipher the assassin’s phone and determine who the target was. China White hires Deadshot, who is revealed to have survived Oliver’s shot with an arrow, to take out Malcolm Merlyn after the previous gunman was stopped by the vigilante. Meanwhile, Malcolm asks Tommy to attend an award ceremony where Malcolm will be receiving a humanitarian award; after much reluctance, Tommy is pursuaded to attend by Oliver. At the last moment, Oliver discovers that Malcolm is the target and races to the event to save him. Although he is almost caught by Detective McKenna, Oliver manages to get Malcolm away from China White’s men. While in an office, Malcolm is shot with one of Deadshot’s poison tipped bullets, and Oliver is forced to reveal his identity to Tommy in order to secure his trust so that he can save Malcolm’s life. Afterward, Malcolm informs Moira that he believes someone from the organization attempted to kill him and entrusts her to identify the culprit. Elsewhere, Laurel is confronted by her mother, Dinah, who reveals that her sister might be alive. During a flashback, Oliver is shown repairing a damaged radio from Slade’s downed aircraft, which Slade uses to tune into the radio communications of Fyers and his men. 

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  • Kara Moore

    Tommy didn’t not really get mad at his father until his father cut him off. Then he started to remember what his father did after his mother died. It took for his father to almost die to finally forgive.I honestly do not like Tommy. If Sarah might be still alive where she is at and how? Shouldn’t she be on the same island as Oliver or did somebody see her floating in the ocean. I had a feeling that the reason Laurel’s started to call again, because it was about her sister. Laurel mad at her mom because right after her sister died her mom left. Also her mom left, because Laurel’s father became an alcoholic.