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Malcolm imprisons Oliver and leaves him to die, hung from chains, but he manages to escape and return home. In a flashback, Fyers fires a missile at an approaching airliner, but Oliver and Shado manage to override the coordinates and destroy the missile. Afterward, Oliver kills Fyers. In the present, Oliver confronts his mother about the Undertaking, which prompts her to hold a press conference and reveal to the city her involvement with Malcolm and the plan to destroy the Glades. Tommy sees the press conference, and Malcolm reveals that he is the other archer to the dismay of his son. Detective Lance, with help from Felicity, is able to dismantle the earthquake device. Diggle and Oliver go after and mortally wound Malcolm, who gloats that there is a second device shortly before he dies. The device activates and begins to level the east side of the Glades. Thea goes into the Glades to save Roy, who heroically works to help others who are trying to escape the earthquake. Laurel is trapped in her office at CNRI, but Tommy arrives to rescue her. Laurel escapes, but Tommy is caught by falling debris. Oliver arrives too late; Tommy is fatally wounded and dies after apologizing and thanking Oliver, after the latter lies about not killing Malcolm to comfort Tommy. 

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  • Kara Moore

    WoW!!! Father and son die the same day. Oliver said,”He do not kill Tommy’s father.” To be honest he did, because Tommy’s father is going to bleed out very soon. Very sad story.