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Following the destruction of the Glades and Tommy’s death, Oliver exiles himself back to the island he was stranded on prior to returning to Starling City as penance for failing the city and Tommy. Felicity and Diggle arrive and convince Oliver to return after informing him that his father’s company is about to be taken over by Stellmoor International, led by Isabel Rochev. Upon his return, Oliver discovers that a group of vigilantes, dressed like the Hood, are working to take back the Glades and are not afraid to kill for their cause. The new vigilantes decide to go after Oliver, first at the office and then at his nightclub. When Thea is kidnapped, Oliver chooses to become the Hood again, but decides not to kill anymore. Oliver saves Thea, and delivers the vigilantes to Quentin Lance, who was demoted to patrol officer. Oliver enlists the help of Walter to save the company. In the aftermath, Oliver decides to honor Tommy’s memory by becoming a hero of Starling City, and elects to find a new name for his alter-ego. In a flashback, Oliver, Shado, and Slade realize they are no longer alone on the island following Fyers’ demise. 

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  • Kara Moore

    Ok. This whole Tommy shit in getting on my nerves. If somebody says Tommy name one more time. I swear to I will go complete crazy. Hopeful Laurel is not really serious when she says she is going to find ‘The Vigilante’. Does she remember all the time ‘The Vigilante’ saved Tommy and her? It is not ‘The Vigilante’ fate that Tommy dumbass self decided to go try to save Laurel. Tommy did not what so ever get cross in the cross fire!!! He is not the victim!!! Since everybody is talking about Tommy throughout this whole episode I’m about to tell you a big secret about the show. This new female super hero is Laurel. There I told you; now deal with it.