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Roy attempts to disrupt a robbery, but is thwarted by China White. When Oliver attempts to convince Roy to give up his quest to emulate the vigilante, he learns that the hospital in the Glades is having its medicine stolen. Oliver sets a trap and finds China White stealing the medicine delivery trucks; the police arrive while he is engaged in battle and he is forced to retreat and allow China White to get away. Oliver decides to work with Sebastian Blood, an alderman for the Glades, to bring awareness and help for the people in need. Oliver is forced to abandon his appearance at the charity event to stop China White, and, as a result, Sebastian lambasts him to the media. As the vigilante, Oliver takes on China White and her partner. After saving the shipment and helping the police arrest China, the vigilante convinces Roy to stop fighting in his name, but become his "eyes and ears" in the Glades. In a flashback, Oliver, Slade, and Shado discover a cave containing the remains of World War II Japanese soldiers. Afterward, Laurel sets a trap for the vigilante, who is caught by the police. 

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  • Kara Moore

    Laurel really is getting on my fucking nerve. She really does need the stop trying to find ‘The Vigilante’.