Arrow season 2 episode 7

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It is revealed that the Count escaped from prison during the earthquake in the Glades. Afterward, the Count begins poisoning Starling City with the Vertigo drug; Diggle and the assistant district attorney are among the infected. When the assistant district attorney collapses in court, the Count kidnaps him en route to the hospital and reveals to the city that the cure to their sickness is to take Vertigo. In court, Laurel uses an affair between Moira and Malcolm to cast doubts on Moira’s defense. Ultimately, Moira is found “not guilty” by the jury; Moira finds out later that Malcolm is still alive and rigged the trial. Malcolm also reveals that Thea is his biological daughter. Felicity is able to locate the Count, and Oliver manages to save the assistant district attorney, but at the expense of allowing the Count to escape. Later, Felicity is captured by the Count when she discovers how he has been infecting the city. In order to protect Felicity from being injected with Vertigo, Oliver is forced to break his promise and kill the Count. In a flashback to the island, Shado and Slade rescue Oliver and Sara when Dr. Ivo and his men come to the island to find a stone arrowhead left by the Japanese soldiers. 


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  • Kara Moore

    Thea is Malcolm daughter. Holy cow!!! 😮 That would example why she was so mess up as a teen. Beside the fact that Moira Queen stopped raising after her first husband died. I am honestly mad that Malcolm is not die. It either needs to be Malcolm or Blood to die. It would be great if better can die, but that will never happen. A show always for so reason needs a villain in it. -_- Also Malcolm knows about Oliver secret night life. Wait.. until those two come face to face again. :) It is going to be so awkward and wonderful at the same time. 😀 I would have been even better if Oliver with Malcolm. Oh my fuck! This show keeps getting better and better.