Arrow season 2 episode 8

Watch online episod 8 – "The Scientist"

When a masked thief with superhuman strength steals a centrifuge from Queen Consolidated, Oliver and his team investigate, with the help of Central City Police Scientist, Barry Allen. Felicity and Barry hit it off, which does not go unnoticed by Oliver, who thinks there is more to Barry. Meanwhile, Isabel is concerned about Moira coming back, all the while Moira is taunted by Malcolm, to come clean with Thea about her parentage, only for Moira to contact Ra’s al Ghul about his involvement in the quake. Oliver tries to take on the thief, only to be beaten due to his strength. Oliver tells Diggle and Felicity that he knows about a serum, which he destroyed, to give people similar enhancements. While Felicity and Barry work together, Oliver confronts him about his mother’s murder, only for him to say she was killed by a “blur” and that’s why he looks into weird cases. Roy and Thea meet up with Sin, whose friend has gone missing, finding a connection to Sebastian Blood. When Roy refuses to stand by and wait, Arrow had no choice but to fire an arrow in leg to stop him. In the flashbacks, Oliver, Shado, Sara and an ailing Slade make their way to a World War II Japanese submarine containing the exact same serum and uses it on Slade to heal his injuries. Arrow confronts the thief and fights him only to be defeated by his superhuman physical condition, drugged by an unknown compound and left for dead before Felicity and Diggle find him. With no other choice left, they employ Barry’s help into saving Oliver and bring him into the vigilante’s hideout. 


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  • Kara Moore

    Barry wanted to meet Arrow/ Oliver Queen so bad. Well, he finally met him. While Arrow/ Oliver Queen is near death. Sebastian Blood has got into the wrong hands. This is why there is no such thing as super humans. Humans always use really awesome things for bad reasons. It is a good thing am not human. 😉