Bates Motel Season 1 Episode 9

Watch Online Episode 9 – "Underwater"

The Sheriff removes Zach Shelby’s body from Norma’s room. She’s certain it’s Jake Abernathy’s doing. When she receives flowers anonymously, she’s certain it’s a veiled threat. Abernathy makes sure she understands just what it is he is looking for. Norma decides that buying the motel was a mistake and wants to move. Norman makes it clear that’s the last thing he wants. She confronts her real estate agent – especially about the bypass – but he has bad news for her. Norma’s not too keen when she finds Dylan’s crew smoking marijuana outside their rooms. Norman’s teacher, Miss Watson, wants to get one of his short stories published. Dylan does a favor for Bradley and lets her into her father’s office. She’s upset by what she finds.

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