Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Episode 7

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As news of Leopold and Loeb’s arrest hits the papers, Al Capone, still in a raging grief over Frank’s death, kills a policeman. Rothstein runs into Margaret at her work, which is not entirely above-board. Dunn deals with the church’s concern about his heroin in the community. Willie drops out of college—infuriating his father—and turns to Nucky for work. After Johnny Torrio’s arrested in a police raid on a distillery that he just bought from O’Banion, he gives Capone the go-ahead to kill the Irishman. Roy helps Gillian kick her habit but confesses to an obsession of his own. Agent Knox is actually Jim Tolliver, as Gaston Means has secretly known all along. Daughter Maitland reveals that her true allegiance is to Dr. Narcisse—not Chalky—for horribly personal reasons. 

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