Bones Season 9 Episode 4

Watch online episod 4 -"The Sense in the Sacrifice"

The Jeffersonian team use a cadaver to stage a murder in a way that mimics how Christopher Pelant would, hoping to draw him out. Pelant figures this out and in turn murders FBI agent Hayes Flynn, who helped the Jeffersonian team set up the staged murder scene. Pelant is able to sneak into the Jeffersonian and tells Brennan that several unsolved murders were done by a female serial killer, and only he can help her solve them. Using evidence from Flynn’s murder, Brennan tracks Pelant to an abandoned power plant. When Booth arrives, Pelant has Brennan and is threatening to blow up the plant, but Booth is able to shoot and kill Pelant. With Pelant now dead, Booth proposes to Brennan, who accepts. 

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