Castle Season 2 Episode 21

Watch online episod 21 – "Den of Thieves"

Multiple ex-con break-in expert Paul Finch is found in his car electrocution-tortured, possibly an accidental death. His widow believes he took on a last job after years in the clear – probably the recent Manhattan tunnel bank robbery. The team is delighted to be joined by Javier Esposito’s mate from the 54th precinct, handsome hot-shot Tom Demming (from Castle’s point of view, too much to Beckett’s taste). The robbery victims include Fred Cana, collector for untouchable crime king Victor Racine, who is believed to have killed Javier’s previous partner Isaac ‘Ike’ Thornton and managed to make him seem corrupt so the team was broken up. IA Lt. Stan Holliwell gets involved after Ike’s fingerprints are found on Finch’s corpse.



Lien direct

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