Cedar Cove Season 2 Episode 2

Watch online episod 2 – "Letting Go: Part 2"


Feeling like Shelly, Jack and Olivia are conspiring against him to take his yet unborn child away, Eric threatens to call in a lawyer of his own so that he can get custody of his unborn daughter. Olivia ends up having what Eric and Jack believe is a surprising perspective on the matter, at least on the surface. What Olivia also does is make Justine think about the situation with Seth and the restaurant, putting her own needs and wants first and foremost instead of doing something purely to please Seth. The situation is made all the more difficult for Justine by Seth, who does something to advance his and Justine’s relationship. Maryellen learns from Macafee and Sheriff Troy that the two men that approached her are John’s old prison mates, and that the authorities believe John will go into their forgery business in large part to protect her against them. Maryellen has to decide what to do, receiving what she considers the contradictory advice to stay clear of John – essentially abandoning him – despite he doing what he may end up doing purely to protect her.



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