Cedar Cove Season 2 Episode 3

Watch online episod 3 – "Relations and Relationships: Part 1"


With Seth getting ready to head back to commercial fishing in Alaska, Justine decides to move back into her mother’s house until she figures out what to do with her life. Both their physical moves are symbols to Justine of how lost she currently feels in her life. Although Olivia welcomes Justine with open arms, it is not the best time for her as Eric and Shelly are at Jack’s house, leaving Jack and Olivia little privacy. In addition, Jack and Olivia are going through a largely undiscussed issue as Jack wants Olivia to have a key to his house, that key which she seems not to want to accept due to what she sees as the figurative strings attached to it. With Jack’s financial blessing in the form of allowing him to pay his rent late, Eric, who is working at Moon’s until he finds something more lucrative, takes Shelly out on what would be their first ever date for their first anniversary of meeting. That date may provide them a clearer picture of the state of their relationship. Shelly and Eric also allow age-phobic Jack to choose the name their daughter will call him as an alternate to “Grandpa”. And Grace isn’t sure if she’s ready to sell her oversized and financially draining house, and in the process lose the memories and symbols to her life associated with it.



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