Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 18

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The BAU travels to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where three dead bodies, in various stages of decomposition, are found in a remote location of a nature preserve several hours outside the city, the most recent victim two weeks dead. There are signs that the victims were held captive before being killed. The coroner finds that there are human bite marks made post-mortem on some of the victims. Who is determined as the first victim, Melvin Lewis, seems like the odd victim in that he did not have any human bite marks on him, but his occupation as animal control specialists points Reid to the possibility that the unsub is killing his victims from rabies, first from a wild animal to human, then each human passing it along to the next victim. The coroner confirms the assumption. Garcia is able to cross reference past rabies cases in the area to people who work in the animal control business, which may provide the identity of the unsub. The reason for the unsub’s need to watch his victims die of rabies and where the unsub is keeping his prisoners will take further digging. Regardless, the team needs to be hyper-vigilant if only because of the crazed nature of any others in captivity. Meanwhile, Reid and Garcia don’t want to let anyone know, especially athletic Morgan, that they are training for their upcoming mandatory fit test.


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