Defiance Season 1 Episode 10

Watch online episod 10 – "If I Ever Leave This World Alive"

Plague come to Defiance in the form of an Irathic virus, a flu-like disease that is deadly to humans. The disease is spread through physical contact and Dov Yewll hopes that a vaccine developed by a colleague in the Bay area will arrive in enough time for them to contain its spread. The Irathians bear the brunt of the community’s wrath and Amanda does her best to protect them but the town council votes to segregate all of them in the mines until the danger passes. Soon however, they realize that Earth Republic troops are stationed at the eastern exits to the town. By the time the vaccine arrives, Amanda and Nolan are both sick and the Irathians are prepared to go to war over their treatment. Meanwhile, Quentin visits Nicky to find out what really happened to his mother.




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