Defiance Season 1 Episode 11

Watch online episod 11 – "The Bride Wore Black"

The time for Christie McCawley and Alak Tarr’s wedding has arrived but Datak wants to call it off when Rafe tells him Christie has been cut out his will. Alak doesn’t take the news very well. A human skeleton is found walled up in Kenya’s bar and Tommy LaSalle recognize the dead man’s ring as belonging to Hunter Bell, the bar’s previous owner. He was also Kenya’s husband. Bell had helped Tommy out when he first arrived in Defiance but disappeared about 7 seven years ago. It was also Tommy’s first case after becoming a deputy and he was convinced it was murder but didn’t have the evidence to prove it. Bell was a nasty character who treated Kenya very badly and Amanda had sworn to do something about it. Neither Kenya or Amanda will admit it however. Nolan is prepared to let sleeping dogs lie but when Jered the bartender is found murdered, he has little choice but to investigate. Many in Defiance had a motive to kill him however. Yewll and Nicky know exactly what is going on.




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