Defiance Season 1 Episode 13

Watch online episod 13 – "Everything Is Broken"

Earth Alliance Colonel Galen Marsh reveals that he is after the Voltan weapons system hidden at the bottom of the mines and Yewll is prepared to deal with them. There are two artifacts hidden inside Irisa, the keys that can can trigger the Voltan’s secret weapon. Nolan is searching for Irisa and finds her at the Irathian camp. He tells her they are going to head south and along the way find a doctor to remove the Votan keys in her body. Before they can do so however mercenaries hired by the Earth Republic, led by Jonah Keller, arrive at the Irathian camp. Meanwhile, Datak tell Stahma that he knows he betrayed her and she tells Kenya that she is running away – and wants Kenya to join her. The election results are announced but it’s a bittersweet victory.




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