Defiance Season 1 Episode 5

Watch online episod 5 – "A Well Respected Man"

After the body of Elah Bandik is left on his doorstep, Nolan goes after Datak Tarr with a vengeance. He starts by arresting two of Tarr’s drug and gun dealers and seizing their goods. It turns out however the weapons were destined for the town’s defenses with some of the councilors having kept that information from Amanda. Meanwhile, Amanda’s sister Kenya is taken by Ulysses, who works for Talak, and is destined to be sold to the highest bidder. Datak denies any knowledge of what may have happened and refuses to help. Datak’s wife Stahma has a suggestion for Amanda on how to get her husband’s cooperation. Quentin McCawley argues with his father Rafe over whether he can work in shaft L7, which belonged to his dead brother Luke.




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