Defiance Season 1 Episode 7

Watch online episod 7 – "Brothers in Arms"

Nolan welcomes an old army buddy, Eddie Braddock, who is now working as a bounty hunter. He’s tracked Pol Madis, a Castithan weapons developer, to Defiance and now wants to take him to the Earth Republic where Masis will receive his just punishment and he would no doubt get a generous reward. After the Castilian escapes from his jail cell, Nolan and Eddie set out to recapture him. Amanda had already contacted the Earth Republic about Madis and when their representative Connor Lang arrives, he makes it clear that if they cannot find him, his forces will. Amanda for her part wants something in return for Madis also. Nicky Reardon meanwhile is showing a great deal of interest in the wall drawings Rafe McCawley recently showed his son Quentin.




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