Defiance Season 1 Episode 8

Watch online episod 8 – "Goodbye Blue Sky"

Defiance is bombarded with razor rain, metal object falling from the sky as their orbit around the Earth deteriorates. Irisa has a vision and heads off to the badlands when she sees that Sukar is in danger. They arrive seemingly too late to save him but his funeral ceremony is something of a surprise. A resurrected Sukar is on a mission and takes Irisa with him. If he succeeds, it may be the end of the town. Christie McCawley meanwhile is worried about the Castithan bathing ritual for newlyweds where the entire family bathes together. Alak’s mother Stahma calls on Kenya to arrange counseling for her son on women’s sexuality. Nicky drops in on the McCawleys on the pretext of needing shelter from the bad weather.




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