Grimm Season 1 Episode 5

Watch Online Episode 5 – "Danse Macabre"

Nick investigates the death of popular Seattle private prep school music teacher, who was seemingly bitten to death by rats in his car. The popular crowd suggest the only feasible suspect is recently suspended outsider Roddy Geiger, a gifted violinist but son of ruffian junk yard keeper Ephram. Near the fatal car are found cages used by Roddy to keep his pet rodents. As Nick recognizes the knave as feral rat, Monroe tries to give ‘fatgerly’ guidance. However when his father is falsely arrested and abused in jail, the boy snaps and sets a trap for the rich kids who constantly abuse and sometimes bully him. In his anonymous feline DJ mask, he lures them to an underground rave, where his biting army is ready for the kill.




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  • Kara Moore

    What the hell did Grimms do to other supernatural creatures/people to make them so very scared of them? O.o A least the guy with the hamster face has a cute face in a supernatural way.