Grimm Season 1 Episode 9

Watch Online Episode 9 – "Of Mouse and Man"

While investigating a gruesome homicide, Nick learns that a seemingly mild-mannered resident could be festering a potential monster created from a dark childhood. Meanwhile, Monroe is sent an unsettling message by the creature community, who are beginning to wonder if his priorities lie with them or a Grimm.




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  • Kara Moore

    How in hell people are going to come to Nick’s house to take pictures? Then when his girlfriend decides to go to their house. They get so terrified and scared of her. Seriously people, what did they honestly think were going to happen. I do feel very sad for the mouse guy, his father verbal abuse his throughout his whole entire life. I hope they just put him in a home (he should not go to prison). We clearly can see he snapped. If we looked closely at the clue. We can figure out who was killing those people. I find out who was killing those people after the second murder when they showed the mouse picture on the side of the trash bin.