Grimm Season 2 Episode 6

Watch Online Episode 6 – "Over My Dead Body"

Nick is delighted when Juliette, who still can’t remember him, invites home for a home dinner to get acquainted all over. But he’s called away urgently by Monroe, who has a feral visitor: a ruthless killer, yet also a friend of his, who only pretended to take a contract for his death to warn him after ‘accidentally’ killing the initial hit man. Nick, who wants her for at least two earlier murders, grudgingly cooperates, even has to allow her pretending to be his partner. To get to the royal presumed to have hired a killer, Monroe must fake his death with a potentially lethal potion, instructed over the phone by Rosalie, who visits a very ill relative, after a dream date with Monroe. The royal is in awkward league with Renard.


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