Hart Of Dixie Season 4 Episode 1

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Do you ever ask yourself what should be the evening entertainment show? Funny, with 2 times longer than a sitcom; with nice cute actors playing them, of course, can not capture the imagination, but not any little bit annoying; hold the attention of the audience throughout the series – that is simply fantastic, given that there does not occur any sort of significant events. Sometimes it seems that just formed stars and luck to the creators of the series, because neither having any ace in the sleeve and no raisins on the cake, they managed to make such a nice looking show. The main character of Hart of Dixie show is Zoe Hart. Recently she passed her last exams in medical school. Zoe wants to become a cardio-thoracic surgeon and follow her father’s footsteps but her dreams fall apart. That’s why Zoe accepted the proposition from the Dr. Harley Wilkes and moved to a small town in Alabama to approve her practice. The new life of big city girl get started. We show the usual oddities collision town and country: a dip in the mud puddle, disapproval metropolitan belongings, instead of breakfast in bed – frog on a blanket and so on. From the first minute it becomes clear where all this will go: Zoe make friends with the locals survive a couple love drama and will remain there forever. For all that, the show looks very easily and in the same breath. The brain is resting, smiling face – what else is needed after a day? On the masterpiece it is not intended, but it is immediately evident that the creators just wanted to entertain the audience – and they succeeded.

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