Hyde & Seek

BHyde & Seek
Release Date:
3 October 2016 (USA)
When his best mate and partner is killed in a seemingly random attack, Detective Gary Hyde (Matt Nable) vows to bring the killers to justice. Not even one day in the investigation, he has already triggered the interest of four different government agencies. Despite what is ordered by his superiors, Hyde follows the evidence. He then gets saddled down with a new unlikely partner, Claire McKenzie(Emma Hamilton) from Immigration. Together they discover a criminal underbelly that will threaten their lives, endanger their families, cause them to question everything they believe in and above all else it becomes quite clear, no one is who they seem to be nor can they be trusted. In a world where crime has no borders and everyone has something to hide, He and Claire might catch the criminals but will they lose their loved ones in the process?
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Hyde & Seek Season 1 Episode 1

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