Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 19

Watch Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 19 Online – "Chapter Nineteen"


Jane is desperate to fix things with Rafael and suggests working on a way to help them move past their problems. Xo has been keeping a secret from Rogelio, but when she finally comes clean to him, Rogelio’s reaction surprises her. Alba has a flashback of who pushed her down the stairs. Still dealing with the Sin Rostro aftermath, Michael makes an upsetting discovery about who was involved all along. Meanwhile, Petra finds herself in a dire situation leaving her to save herself. Nia Vardalos guest stars.




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  • Kara Moore

    Michael is so wrong. He did so many wrong terrible hurtful things to Jane.

    1. When he first found out about Jane being pregnant with another mans baby you work against the fact that Jane might want to keep the baby.

    2. He lied to Jane so many times during the end of there relationship, was he that desperate that he would break Jane heart in the process of his sick plan to help Perta get the baby at the begin of the show.

    3. After Jane break up with him he turned into even a bigger asshoe by going after Rafael every chance he got. It was not Rafael fate that Jane and him fell for each other.

    4. Last, but not least he kept making Jane for guilt for breaking up with him. Even if he did not mean to do it on purpose. I know these things might be little to Michael, but they make so much to Jane.