Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 22

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Episode Name:  “Chapter Twenty-Two”

Episode Summary:   After having false labor, Jane insists that Xo and Rogelio go to Las Vegas to perform their show, but once they are gone the labor turns very real. Xo does everything she can to get back to help Jane, but ends up making Rogelio feel like he’s not part of the family. The truth about Michael and Rafael’s feelings for each other, and Jane, are put aside to help make Jane’s labor easier. With the good news on the birth of Jane’s baby, Alba is excited to tell her special friend. Meanwhile, Petra learns some very important information that concerns Rafael, leaving her to decide if she should tell him.

Lien direct

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  • Kara Moore

    I kind of had a feeling that somebody was going to kidnap Jane’s baby, but why would Sin Rostro want the baby. That part is confusing. Does she want Rafael sister that bad that she is willing to kidnap Jane’s baby?