Mapp and Lucia Season 1 Episode 2

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Mapp continues to lose out on the social scene to Lucia but gets a chance for revenge when Lucia and Georgie submit drawings to the summer art exhibition and Mapp, as a committee member, makes sure that they are rejected. Cunning Lucia makes equally sure that other committee members see them and they are shown, to great acclaim, despite being tracings of photographs. Mapp secures the upper hand when she is visited by an Indian guru, actually intended for Diva, whom she parades around Tilling like a pet. Unfortunately for Mapp Georgie’s sisters recognize him as the cook at the local Indian restaurant and he flees, having robbed Mapp, Lucia and Georgie. Mapp wants to call the police but Lucia holds her dishonesty over the drawings over her and they call a truce.




Lien direct


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