Mapp and Lucia Season 1 Episode 3

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Lucia plans a series of musical evenings with herself playing the piano. Not everybody is enchanted – especially Mapp who sees a chance for revenge when she hears of a forthcoming visit by Algernon Wyse’s sister, Amelia. She is the widow of an Italian count and speaks the language fluently whilst Lucia claims to but patently does not. Sending Georgie to a hotel Lucia feigns illness and takes to her bed for the visit and Mapp senses triumph. Sadly for her however Georgie has met an Italian family at the hotel who compose a perfectly worded letter in their language – allegedly from Lucia – apologizing to the Contessa for her indisposition . Later several Tilling residents rush to the station for a visit by the Prince of Wales but no prince steps out of the car, only Lucia and Georgie who announce their intention of selling up and moving to Tilling permanently.




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