Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 5

Watch online episod 5 – “Catherine”

Attraction comes into play when Masters and Virginia decide to expand their study to couples. Masters starts feeling anxious about the upcoming birth of his baby while Virginia struggles with her son and their relationship. Also, Dr. Haas fears for his medical career after a date.



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  • Kara Moore

    Virginia son Henry really does need to learn how to respect his mother. She is trying her best. If I was her I would tell him the truth about his dad. Henry almost broke her heart, why no break his. Beside I think he has a right to know. I feel so sad for Masters and his wife. I hope they have another baby again. I wonder what was the last time masters every cried. He pretends to be a tough guy 24/7. I don’t even think his wife seen him cry in years. It seems like Virginia is the only one that can get through to Masters.