Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 11

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Virginia and Dr. DePaul travel to a medical convention to give a presentation on the Pap smear, but miss the convention due to their bus breaking down. Instead, they present the information to the doctors’ wives. Later, Dr. DePaul reveals to Virginia that she has cervical cancer. Libby temporarily serves as Bill’s secretary and comes close to finding out that Bill and Virginia had sex several times for the study. Bill begins to compile all his research for the presentation, and adds a last minute study that hope will grab people’s attention – if penis size matters in sexual satisfaction. Virginia’s ex-husband George returns home to find Ethan taking care of his kids, much to his dismay, but Ethan eventually convinces George that he is good for Virginia and the children. 




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  • Kara Moore

    Does Ethan really thinks Virginia is going to marry him? I do not think that is such a good idea. I am surprised to see Master daydreaming about Virginia. Virginia is a really good singer.