Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 3

Watch Online Episode 3 – "Mingling Its Own Nature with It"

Sarah is able to escape with Kira from the bird watchers and Mrs. S, and now, along with Felix, are on the run with no money. They decide to take refuge at a secluded house where the owner seems to be away. But the choice of the house is no accident. This stop has an unintended affect on Felix. As Alison prepares for opening night, she slowly begins to unravel under all the pressure, which includes meeting someone who she believes is another monitor. Cosima learns from Delphine of yet another clone, one who recently died from whatever ails Cosima herself. They hope that “Jennifer”‘s death can help them figure out what’s wrong with Cosima before it’s too late for her. Gracie begins to doubt the plan that her father has for Helena “joining the family”. And Art finds out that Angela has been snooping around despite he telling her to leave things alone.


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