Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 2

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Wayne Kruger (David Alan Basche) is the owner of a business company known as Lifetrace, which specializes in revealing members’ privacy on their profile pages and selling it to various organizations. Reese, Finch, and Shaw monitor Kruger’s activities in the company, which is currently making a deal with another large retail company called Riverton, which is interested in purchasing Lifetrace data. Though the site is deemed harmless by Kruger, Finch discovers that there is a class-action suit against Kruger involving various victims of the site whose privacy has been eliminated. Members of the suit receive anonymous packages containing information on how to humiliate and attack Kruger in revenge for their lives being destroyed thanks to Lifetrace. One of these people is a Stu Sommers, a man whose daughter was stalked and killed by her ex-boyfriend after he used Lifetrace to follow her, and also because of Kruger and Lifetrace’s incompetence and refusal to remove the daughter’s profile. Sommers, a former engineer, uses his mechanical skills to hack the company’s elevator and Kruger’s car, causing both to go out of control and nearly kill Kruger. Reese and Finch take him to a safehouse, where he attempts to call his wife after she finds out about Kruger’s affairs, which were publicly revealed in a sex tape during his own anniversary by another member of the suit. Finch learns that Peter Collier, the Riverton businessman who reviewed the company, has requested a meeting with Kruger and the executives. Kruger knocks out Finch and goes to the meeting, where he finds Sommers and Collier waiting for him, but no Riverton executive. Sommers takes Kruger’s gun and attempts to kill him, but Reese intervenes and talks him out of doing so. Collier suddenly shoots Reese and Kruger, and reveals that he is the mastermind behind the suit against Kruger. He claims that he is part of an organization that has vowed to fight back against the abuse of people’s online privacy, and executes Kruger before leaving. Shaw finds the wounded Reese, and later, Finch warns that Collier’s attack on Kruger may just be the beginning. 

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