Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 5

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In a series of flashbacks to Shaw’s childhood it is revealed she was in a car with her father when he died in a wreck, but that she showed a shocking lack of emotion over it. In the present, after Shaw saves another number, Finch begins expressing concern about Shaw’s callous treatment of them. Their next number turns out to be a little Russian immigrant girl Genrika Zhirova (Danielle Kotch), Gen for short, who is deeply interested in espionage and is living with an older cousin in a run-down apartment. Shaw ends up watching after Gen when men come to attack her and they start to bond. The team soon learns that Gen had been bugging the phones in her apartment building. Eventually, the men manage to abduct Gen and Shaw begins pursuing the captors. Meanwhile, Carter is continuing her investigation of HR and is following Terney when she runs into Reese who was unwittingly tracking Terney’s phone to find out who was going after Gen. Finch learns that one of Gen’s bugs overheard a conversation about HR planning with the Russian mob to introduce bath salts into New York City. Simmons of HR offers to return the girl if they will hand over the tapes and Shaw, determined to save Gen, wants to make the exchange. When Reese arrives at the exchange, Simmons reveals it was an ambush, but finds that his men have already been taken out and Shaw manages to save Gen. Elsewhere, Carter has been asked to meet her partner Laskey at a bar, where he confronts her about her work with Reese. Carter reveals she knows Laskey is with HR and after the bar owner, another dirty cop, attempts to shoot her she kills him with Laskey’s gun and tells Laskey he will now work for her. The episode ends with Root arriving at Shaw’s loft and abducting her. 

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