Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 12

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Finch, Shaw and Arthur Claypool are able to escape from the clutches of Control, after which Arthur demonstrates that he has more lucid moments than he initially lets on. He informs Finch and Shaw more about Samaritan, and what from that project still exists, which is what Control was after. As the threesome try to protect Samaritan, they are tracked both by Control’s team, led by Hersh, and Vigilance, led by Collier. Control has other issues on her mind, namely dealing with Root, who tries fruitlessly to explain to Control her relationship with the Machine, which Control believes rightly belongs to her. Meanwhile, Reese and Finch are still in Colorado. In their current situation, they are able to have an uninterrupted philosophical discussion/argument about the nature of their work with Finch and with the Machine.

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