Revolution season 1 episode 4

Watch online episod 4 – "The Plague Dogs"

Charlie and Nora meet back up with Aaron and Maggie. Unknown to them, Nate has escaped and continues to track Miles and Charlie. After running into a group of what appears to be stray dogs, Aaron is injured and Maggie is forced to kill one of the dogs. Miles sees and fights Nate and the group capture him. It is discovered that the dogs are the companions of a man who attacks the group and stabs Maggie in revenge for her killing one of his dogs. The group tries to save her, and Charlie is captured by the man. Miles frees Nate, and he and Miles go to find Charlie. Charlie has been tied to a chair with an elaborate, crossbow booby trap that will go off if the door to the room is opened. She escapes just as Nate and Miles enter the room. They return to Aaron, Maggie and Nora just as Maggie dies. Danny continues his journey with the Militia and they are forced to take shelter during a storm. Danny escapes and is quickly recaptured by Captain Neville. While taking shelter in a storm cellar, the roof falls in trapping Neville. Danny rescues him only to be put back into cuffs. Rachel continues to be a captive of the Militia and it appears she is being tortured for information on the blackout and Ben’s involvement. Monroe taunts her with the knowledge that her son will arrive shortly.

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