Revolution season 1 episode 5

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After catching up with Captain Neville and the Militia at Noblesville, Indiana the group discovers a working steam train being prepared to take Danny to Monroe at the Capital of the Monroe Republic in Philadelphia. Charlie and Miles set off in town to look for Danny and Charlie runs into Neville. Miles and Neville fight and Miles escapes. They return and discover Nora has gone to find the local resistance and plans on blowing up the train. They are about to question "Nate" when he escapes and returns to Neville who moves Danny to the train and brings his departure forward and plans on leaving right away. Nora plants her bomb in a log and plans on it being set off in the furnace of the train but after seeing Danny on the train, has second thoughts and is then stabbed by a member of the resistance who wants revenge on the Militia for his wife. Nora is found by Charlie and Miles and they chase after the train and Miles manages to get rid of the bomb before it explodes. Charlie finds Danny and Neville on the train and they fight. Nate joins the fight and captures Charlie but helps her and Miles to escape. The train arrives where Monroe has been discussing border skirmishes with the Georgia Federation and Plains Nation. When he shows Rachel that Danny has arrived, she explains she was also part of the project that Ben was working on and she draws a picture of the Pendant, explaining that twelve of them exist and that they are the key to getting the power back on. It is revealed that "Nate" is in fact Tom Neville’s son, Jason.


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