Revolution season 1 episode 10

Watch online episod 10 – "Nobody’s Fault But Mine"

Aaron, Nora, and Charlie are captured while hiding at the home of a friend of Miles after the four infiltrate Philadelphia. Miles takes Neville’s wife Julia hostage and exchanges her for their safe return. Neville returns Aaron and Nora, and directs Miles to a defunct power plant where Charlie and Danny have been taken. Charlie reunites with her mother, Rachel, and her brother, Danny, at the plant. Rachel successfully completes the pendant amplifier before killing Strausser when he attempts to assault her. As Miles and Nora rescue Danny and Charlie, Miles faces off with Monroe to give the others time to escape. Monroe forgives Miles’ treachery and pleads with him to come back and join his side, just as in Miles’ hallucination. However, Miles refuses and fights with Monroe, and Miles then makes a quick exit when Monroe’s soldiers appear. All of them escape after Aaron blasts a hole in the exterior wall with Nora’s pipe bombs, but stop in their tracks when they hear a thundering sound and see a militia helicopter take flight using Rachel’s amplifier and spool its minigun.

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