Revolution season 1 episode 12

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After Danny’s sacrifice, Miles and Nora decide to go in search of his old top officers, the ones who supported his assassination attempt on Monroe, starting by Jim Hudson. He tells the rebels that Jim could help train them into real soldiers. Meanwhile, Rachel, Charlie and Aaron go to the rebels’ Eco base, an old hospital. Things between Rachel and Charlie are strained, since Charlie is cold to her mother. Randall reveals that he can activate the pendants remotely to track them, and he and Monroe seal an uneasy alliance. After Rachel sees the pendants activate on their own, she realizes that Randall is tracking them, and she destroys the pendants so they cannot be tracked or used. Someone sees Miles and Nora and sells the information to a militia kill squad. Miles and Nora find Jim living under an assumed name as a happily-married town librarian. He’s not happy to see Miles again and he refuses to go back.

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