Revolution season 1 episode 13

Watch online episod 13 – "The Song Remains the Same"

Rachel tells Aaron that the global power outage was caused by quadrillions of microscopic programmable nanites that execute only two commands: absorb power and replicate. Although Rachel does not know how the nanites went out of control, she tells Aaron that the nanites could be shut off from the Tower, which is in Colorado. Neville faces danger and hard choices as Randall doubts his competence, Monroe doubts his loyalty, he and Julia have to pretend that Jason was killed, and his convoy is ambushed by the rebels led by Miles, resulting in his capture and torture. Charlie stops Rachel from murdering Neville in revenge for Danny’s death. Left alone, Rachel and Miles then discuss Charlie and renew their romantic attraction. After mistakenly revealing his destination to Jason, who pretended to free him, Neville kills two rebels and escapes. He then makes his way to Philadelphia and flees with Julia before Monroe learns of his blunder. Using Neville’s information, the rebels find that Randall has built a nuclear weapon, which Randall takes back to Philadelphia by car using the pendants. Rachel and Charlie begin slowly patching their relationship, only to be pulled apart again as Rachel embarks on a quest to make amends for her past actions and restore the power, taking Aaron with her on a "suicide mission" to the Tower.


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