Revolution season 2 episode 1

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Set six months after the events of Season 1, the story is broken into three storylines. Miles, Aaron, and Rachel have settled into life in the Texas town of Willoughby. Rachel was brought to the town in emotional shock after the events of the Tower. It was hoped her father, Gene Porter was still alive and living in the town, which he was, in order to help Rachel recover. It is confirmed that the nuclear missiles bound for Atlanta and Philadelphia struck their targets, creating widespread devastation and throwing both the Monroe Republic and the Georgia Federation into disarray. Meanwhile, in a refugee camp outside of Savannah Georgia, Neville and Jason desperately search for Julia, Neville’s wife. They witness the return of the U.S. Government, and a group, calling themselves "The Patriots". One of the Patriots, Secretary Justine Allenford gives a speech about how the U.S. Government is back to help its people, but Neville became suspicious. He believes that the Patriots were behind the nuclear bombings on Atlanta and Philadelphia. Charlie is hunting for Monroe in the Plains Nation, and comes upon him pit fighting in a small town. In the process of trying to assassinate him, she misses and witnesses Monroe abducted by two men. The episode concludes with an attack on Willoughby by a warrior clan from the Plains Nation. In the attack, Miles is captured and brought before the tribe’s leader, Titus Andover. Aaron is killed protecting his girlfriend, but unexpectedly opens his eyes in the final moments of the episode.

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