Revolution season 2 episode 4

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In Pottsboro, North Texas, Charlie finds herself in trouble in a bar. Monroe arrives and kills everyone in the bar to rescue her. Charlie wakes up in the middle of a thunderstorm with Monroe. He tells Charlie he is doing this for a “show of faith”. Rachel awakens and leaves the house in search of Miles and her father. The town has been overtaken by the Patriots. Rachel is suspicious of the Patriots’ arrival and take-over. Miles, Aaron, and Rachel are suspicious of the Patriots role in recent events, and set about investigating. Rachel breaks into the Patriots office, but gets caught and was removed from the office. Aaron is at home noticing children on Halloween when he experiences sudden pain, disorientation, and a disturbing dream. Miles follows a lead and investigates the compound of Titus only to discover it seemingly deserted and Titus rifling through paper. Upon discovery, Titus acts crazy and accuses the Patriots of being “unhuman”. After blaming Miles for his wife’s death, Titus fights Miles and is killed. Rachel tells her friend, Ken everything that has happened up until this point. As they visit Ken’s wine cellar, Rachel notices the same eye-and-pyramid symbol the Patriots use and begins to back away from the situation. She tries to run, but is captured. Ken reveals that he worked for the Patriots for seven years. She breaks free of her bonds just in time for her to stab him and bury him in a grave. In Savannah, Neville is threatened by another Patriot officer. He notices needle marks on the officer’s arm when he returns home. Neville bribes a prostitute for access to the officer at a local brothel/drug house. He offers the officer a deal – he gets promoted and told where Jason is. The officer agrees, but when he cannot tell Neville where Jason is, Neville injects an overdose into him. Tom Neville is promoted in place of his officer, who Secretary Allenford says that has been transferred to another camp. The murder of Rachel’s friend and Neville’s officer happens at the same time, and they both walk away. Meanwhile, Miles investigates the local train yard only to discover a train car filled with prisoners from Titus’ clan. Miles recognizes one of the soldiers in the yard as Titus’s advisor. Miles is discovered spying and attempts to flee, only to be cornered. Aaron’s dreams and Miles’s reality somehow overlap and cause the officers to catch on fire, allowing Miles to escape. Miles and Rachel discuss what happened, only for the conversation to end in Miles declaring every occupation needs a resistance. The last scene is Charlie and Monroe on a wagon riding towards Willoughby. 


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