Revolution season 2 episode 8

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Miles interrogates a US Patriot officer asking him where Horn is. The officer tells him Horn is looking for him and Rachel. Truman makes a statement to the townspeople, telling them that the bombing was caused by Stu, better known as Miles Mattheson, and Aaron Pittman. Charlie overhears this from a nearby rooftop. Monroe, Aaron, and Cynthia are at a location waiting for Miles to come for them. Rachel tells Charlie that the US government will never stop looking for them unless they kill Horn first. Horn demands that they find Aaron Pittman as fast as possible and threatens Gene with the murder of his daughter and granddaughter if he does not produce Aaron. He also suggests that they start executing people in the town who knew Aaron, but Truman strongly protests. Rachel and Charlie talk, and Charlie argues that Gene may have had a reason to work with the US. Miles says their HQ is the basement of the old paper factory. Cynthia asks Aaron if he killed Carl, her ex-husband, and he says he did but he can’t control his powers. Aaron is crying when Cynthia asks him to leave her alone. Rachel and Charlie make two ingredients that when combined, will create a killing gas. Monroe kills several US government men and then when too many arrive on the scene, runs off, leaving Aaron and Cynthia to be captured. Aaron is injected with something. Miles, Rachel, and Charlie are carrying through the plan to send Rachel and put the gas into the factory. Miles calls off the mission when Gene enters the factory, but Rachel continues on anyway. Aaron and Cynthia are led into the factory. Rachel is just about to pour both chemicals into the air vent when Miles abruptly stops her. Aaron begs Horn to let Cynthia go, but Horn refuses, saying she is assurance that Aaron will not torch the factory. Dr. Horn commands Gene out of the room as he begins to torture Aaron. Aaron’s skin heals itself when Horn cuts him. Miles, Rachel, and Charlie kidnap Gene and question him. He says the US government were the ones who gave him the medicine way back when and he took it. Truman shows up at their place demanding they all come out. Gene emerges, alone, and holds a knife to Truman’s throat. The soldiers chase Miles, Rachel, and Charlie. Truman holds a gun to Gene’s head and takes him back to the factory. Horn brings Cynthia into the room to see if Aaron can heal her when they cut her. Aaron screams as they stab her in the back and the fire flashes.


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